Silicon Carbide Bucket Coil

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Silicon Carbide Bucket Coil

  • The Smokeski SiC cup insert + heating element is made to last, engineered for the best heat performance. Silicon Carbide provides a smooth and flavorful experience that beats other materials in every aspect. Since it is highly conductive it vaporizes your oil efficiently. Leaving you a happy dabber!
  • Silicon Carbide is completely chemically inert. This means that you won't be getting any unexpected flavors from toxins or chemicals in your dabs. This synthetic super ceramic is made from USP Class VI Certified Medical Grade Material. (FDA Recognized Medical Grade Material). SiC will never degrade, with proper care.
  • Silicon Carbide has a thermal conductivity of 120 W/mK. The SiC bucket you will receive is 80x more conductive than it's quartz counterpart. This means that it will hold the heat much better as well as distribute it more evenly throughout the surface area of the bucket.
  • Silicon Carbide also has a unique property where it doesn't 'CHAZZ' like quartz does. This means it won't get that black gunk buildup on the cup after usage like traditional quartz bangers would. SiC also has high melting point greater than 5,000°F. All of this makes it by far one of the easiest cups to clean.

Fully Modular

All of our buckets come in a modular housing that contains the heating element. This three piece design allows includes a lid, casing, and your bucket. This allows you to easily disassemble your buckets for maintenance. (the entire housing + bucket is ISO washable)

Recommended Heat Settings

White/Medium-High Heat SettingGreen/High Heat Setting